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Don't Overlook Brand Packaging

“Use Branded Deliverables to Increase Recognition and Visibility” is the cover story for the July/August 2004 issue of Searcher magazine. Co-authored by Chris, the article provides approaches for packaging information products with examples.

Upcoming Workshops & Presentations

Chris Conducting a Workshop

Chris will be leading two half-day workshops at the Special Libraries Association 2005 Annual Conference in Toronto, June 4th and 5th.

Branding 101: What It Takes to Build a Library Brand

This workshop covers the fundamental concepts of branding, focusing on the elements and activities which can define and establish a brand in the context of library services, and help establish customer recognition and loyalty for traditional and virtual information services. Review the details.

Planning Library Promotion Campaigns

Learn how to craft a successful library promotion campaign by stepping through the development of sample campaigns. Then work in a team coached by Chris to create a campaign from scratch. This hands-on workshop provides plenty of pointers and creative ideas. Review the details.

Also, at the SLA Conference in Toronto...

Communicating with Clients: Innovations and Inspiration.

A presentation by Chris on Monday, June 6th from 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m. Chris will share tips and strategies for keeping a library brand “top-of-mind” followed by a walk-through presentation of communications being used by advertising and marketing agency information services, including “potty postings,” daily e-news trackers, events, and the use of food as a promotion device.


See you in Toronto...

at the 2005 Special Libraries Association Conference Exhibit, June 5-7th

Stop by Booth #1034 to see samples of our completed client projects including logos, brochures, web sites, and product packaging. This is a good time to have your list of marketing initiatives reviewed by Chris for suggestions and project price estimates. Visit the SLA Conference web site for more information about the conference.

Client Activities

National Institute of Mental Health

Chris Olson & Associates has been helping the web site team of the National Institute of Mental Health to revamp their web site. The newly redesigned site was released in January 2005. Chris and her associates are currently developing the guidelines for the Institute’s Brand Identity to ensure the consistent presentation of the NIMH visual and written brand across all communications.

Forest Service Library

Leveraging visibility opportunities and establishing a consistent visual presence is goal of the branding project for the Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) Library. A new logo anchors various ancillary design activities, including the development of electronic document and web site templates.

US Food and Drug Administration

When the Division of Information Services and the FDA Library wanted to transform and brand their services, they called Chris Olson. Working with their Marketing Team, Chris has coached them through the steps of developing a brand and is helping them define a product brand portfolio before launching the reinvented service later in 2005.

Emerald Group Publishing

The leading international publisher of academic and professional management literature, Emerald Group Publishing, relies on the communications services of Chris Olson & Associates to identify and leverage visibility opportunities in North America. Chris and her team developed and now manage the “Welcome to Emerald” LIS program aimed at introducing Emerald database products and scholarly journals to students in LIS graduate study programs throughout North America.

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.

We continue to assist with the communications efforts of the Business Intelligence group and intranet web site team of Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. Behind the scenes we create and implement web site anniversary celebrations, e-mail promotions and advise on visibility activities.

Our Clip Art is FREE

Yup. That’s right. As a service to our colleagues in the library community, we are now offering all of our colorized clip art graphics free! And the price of our 690 black and white clip art graphics on CD is now only $99. Visit

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