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Chris Olson
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Chris Olson & Associates approaches its research assignments with a personal touch, using interactive focus groups and personal interviews to gather information from target markets. Because we are marketing consultants, all research assignments incorporate a marketing perspective, allowing research results to transition smoothly into focused marketing strategies. Chris Olson has personally conducted scores of research projects. From convening focus groups to interviewing c-level managers, to testing beta products and services, to conducting web site usability tests, these and other research endeavors help clients clarify their marketing initiatives and enable them to exceed objectives.

When you need to determine the satisfaction levels of your customers, to gather ideas for new services and products, or to understand stakeholder perceptions, the research services of Chris Olson & Associates can help you acquire the insights you need. Our services have been used to establish baselines for reinvention projects, to gauge the effectiveness of marketing activities, to conduct information audits, to develop information services which match customer requirements (needs assessments), to identify marketplace opportunities, and to test the usability of web sites.

Defining The Research Project

We begin with a review of your situation and what you need. Before we propose a research project, we briefly discuss what has been done before, what results are needed, and who or what is to be researched. The answers provide a snapshot of your research requirements and a base upon which to recommend the appropriate research activity.


Research Options

Our research services are flexible and dynamic to meet your needs and budget. We offer the full range of research services including focus groups, mailed questionnaires (both paper and electronic), personal interviews and live, interactive usability tests on web sites.

Depending on your requirements, we conduct qualitative, quantitative, or combination research projects. Our approach to developing research questions is based on a methodology that identifies the critical questions and issues to be researched. We employ the latest statistical software packages to derive meaningful data for our quantitative studies, augmented with insightful observations, knowledgeable commentary, and practical recommendations.

Our qualitative studies—focus groups, personal interviews, telephone interviews, customer intercepts—are conducted by experienced professionals who understand library and information services, and who project a professional image on your behalf.

Research as an Integral Part of Marketing

Research plays two important roles in marketing. First, research can assess products or services, the competition, the target market, and the environment. Secondly, research is used to determine the success of a marketing program and to identify areas of additional opportunities. Because Chris Olson & Associates specializes in the marketing of libraries and information services, all of our research reports can be used to jump-start marketing plans and activities.

Your Project

The anatomy of a research project depends on the type of information being gathered and the target audience. Let us recommend a market research program tailored to your needs. For additional information and cost estimates, speak to the Principal Consultant, Chris Olson. Please allow a 2 month lead time for your project.

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