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Chris Olson
Principal Consultant


Although Chris Olson never envisioned her Art History undergraduate degree to be a marketing consulting asset (she originally wanted to be an art museum librarian!), her knowledge of color, design, form, shape and function allows her to work easily with the designers and illustrators she has chosen to be associated with Chris Olson & Associates. Clients are encouraged to express their requirements and let Chris Olson interpret it for them in the language of design. In addition, because she embraces a client's overall marketing strategy, she is able to guide clients towards clean and memorable designs and away from design pitfalls and disasters. All of the designers working with Chris Olson & Associates have either won peer-reviewed awards, or have worked on Chris Olson & Associates projects for more than 10 years. Designs done for client logos, brochures, direct mail pieces, product packaging, stationery materials and web sites have received numerous awards.


The foundation for the visual image of an organization is its logo. The logo designs of Chris Olson & Associates utilize unique typefaces and original graphics to create memorable logos that attract attention for our clients and stand the test of time. When a client's organization has its own logo graphic identity standards, we work within those standards so our client's logo adheres to the organization's image. Our award winning logos have graced the front doors of the Joint Bank-Fund Library in Washington, DC; identified the medical software package, Grateful Med, to thousands of health care professionals around the world; and provided visibility and brand image recognition for many information services. Our designers are available to design a logo from scratch or breathe new life into an existing design.

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Updated 3/5/05