Thinking "outside of the box" is one of the hallmarks of Chris Olson & Associates, so it comes as no surprise that brainstorming is one of our popular services. Since the beginning we have always applied our creativity to client projects and our ideas are stamped on client brand names, reinvention strategies, taglines and slogans, promotion campaigns, products and services—to name a few.

Brainstorming in Action

Successful brainstorming requires more than a bunch of people sitting in a room. Chris Olson & Associates uses a number of innovative brainstorming techniques to get the creative juices flowing so that even the most reticent participants feel free to contribute. Which technique to use is guided by the project task and objective, the client's resources, and the amount of time available for the activity.

Working with the client Chris Olson selects a group of individuals to participate in the session. The individuals conform to a creativity profile which has developed over the years. Session preparation work includes that session objectives are clearly defined, participants are provided with background materials, and that meeting facilities and logistics are secured.

Our brainstorming sessions are informal, spontaneous and fun! We encourage everyone to participate and suggest ideas. No judgments are made about any suggestion and all ideas, no matter how absurd or impractical they may seem at the time, are welcome. In addition to being the session leader, Chris Olson freely contributes ideas to the session ensuring the group's creative synergy yields a rewarding number of plausible ideas.

When to Convene a Brainstorming Session

Chris Olson has convened sessions to solve a diversity of library marketing quandaries, including:

information service names
produce enhancements
competitive strategies
policy issues
branding considerations
communication messages
promotion themes
planning strategies
opportunities and options
taglines and slogans
threat analysis and options
library reinvention visions
new product development

Brainstorming can be used for a wide number of situations, however clients are cautioned and guided away from the brainstorming technique when they are seeking ideas for broad and complex problems. It is our experience that brainstorming is not successful in situations where the problem is multi-faceted and so complex that it can not be simply stated. In those cases, Chris Olson will suggest alternative idea-generating strategies which are better suited to the situation.


Let Us Do the Thinking

Many times clients do not have the staff resources or time to convene a brainstorming session, and instead opt to use the talent of Chris Olson and her associates to develop a list of creative ideas. This option is particularly attractive for groups who have tried to generate ideas on their own and who are unhappy with the results.

Over the years Chris Olson has identified and assembled individuals who are creative, literate, and experienced brainstorm session participants. This group of associates has created brand names, taglines, advertising themes, and communication messages for numerous clients over the years. The team includes individuals with backgrounds in linguistics, Greek and Latin, as well as advertising and communications.

Clients who utilize our brainstorming teams are provided with the original list of ideas, along with selections deemed to be the best. These are annotated by Chris Olson who considers the ideas in light of the client's marketing requirements and the project's objectives.

Your Brainstorming Activities

With Chris Olson & Associates taking the lead, clients find their brainstorming efforts to be productive, energetic projects, with a focused synergy. And as with all our project work, clients benefit from the marketing expertise of Chris Olson, who is ever mindful of client marketing strategies and objectives.

To discuss how we can assist with your information service's brainstorming process, speak to Chris Olson at 410-647-6708 or outline your requirement in an email message and send it to Please allow 4-5 weeks for our brainstorming services to commence.

Updated 11/25/02